Katie Holmes: A Shoe-in For Worst Mother Award?

Never mind what the medical community has to say: If Suri Cruise wants to wear high heels, she will—and her mom is totally okay with it.

Suri’s mother, Katie Holmes, came under fire last week when pictures of her three-year-old daughter wearing heels found their way onto the Internet. But despite warnings that such footwear, besides being totally age-inappropriate, could be detrimental to Suri’s development—with one podiatrist telling Fox News that it could lead to “a tightening or shortening of the Achilles tendon”—Holmes says it’s no biggie if her toddler wants to teeter around in dangerous kicks.

Holmes tells Access Hollywood,

“Like every little girl, she loves my high heels…They are actually ballroom dancing shoes for kids. I found them for her and she loves them.”

Oh, Katie; kids love a lot of things. Like ice cream for breakfast, for instance. Or shoving crayons deep into their ear canals. It doesn’t mean you have to encourage such tendencies. Unless you think Suri will also love it when her budding dance career is cut short by a broken ankle.

On the other hand (or foot, as it were), a gold star to Holmes for finally teaching her daughter to wear shoes, instead of just eating them.

Readers, what do you say? Do you think Suri should be allowed to wear heels at her age? Share your opinions in the comments section!