Michael Jackson’s Genetic Remains Contribute to Creepiest. Cologne. Ever.

Most people probably thought that Michael Jackson’s death in June meant that they’d never get a chance to splash a little of the King of Pop’s DNA on their faces.

But one should never underestimate the ingenuity of modern marketing. 

Spinner reports that Los Angeles-based My DNA Fragrance has collaborated with historical hair collector John Reznikoff to create M, a cologne that includes traces of Jacko’s DNA, thanks to a space-age technology by which “DNA can be extracted from hair shafts with or without the follicle intact.”

At $60 for a three-ounce bottle, M—which is currently available by pre-order and will be available in select shops early next year—is a little pricey, but hey; isn’t it worth it to dab yourself with MJ’s essence? Plus, it comes in a silver bottle shaped like one of Jackson’s old outfits, which doesn’t up the creepy factor at all.

According to My DNA’s Web site, “Much like the performer himself, this cologne is unique and like no other cologne in the world.”