PHOTO GALLERY: Paris Hilton is Really a Tomboy Who Prefers The Simple Life

She’s more than just a pretty face, people. She’s a socialite, self-proclaimed fashionista, entrepreneur and a tomboy (no, that’s not a typo).

Paris Hilton just launched two new beauty products: The Celebrity Styler flat iron and Ultimate Brush. She’s such a hair-lista, and now you can have locks just like hers, yada yada…that’s interesting and all but…

The real story is in her interview with People magazine, where she reports she is still a tomboy and she loves fishing, sports and ice hockey! This wholesome, physically active, rough around the edges, get down and dirty spirit of hers may have gotten lost in all of the excitement; so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to create a gallery of Paris moments that prove she’s all tomboy.

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