PHOTO GALLERY: Tiger Woods’ Alleged Other, Other Woman Comes Out of the Woodwork. Let the Games Begin…

Is there anyone who hasn’t claimed to have had an affair with Tiger Woods yet?

Even as the golf legend attempts to explain away his curious car accident last weekend and those pesky rumors that he’s been playing some extramarital rounds with nightclub manager Rachel Uchitel, Us Magazine reports that 24-year-old Los Angeles cocktail waitress Jaimee Grubbs claims to have had an affair with Woods.

Grubbs—who, in addition to slinging hooch, also recently appeared on VH1’s Tool Academy—says that she carried on a 31-month relationship with Woods, beginning in April 2007.

What’s more, the hooch-server—who says that the two had 20 sexual encounters—asserts that she has the evidence to prove it, including a voicemail from Woods in which he allegedly expresses concern that his wife, model Elin Nordegren, might be on to him.

Compounding matters, a witness tells Fox News that Woods was spotted leaving a Miami hotel room last year with a woman who was decidedly not Nordegren. According to the mole,

“A little over a year ago Tiger was in a room at a hotel in Miami, about 90 minutes from his home. The room was guarded by two guards with earpieces looking very professional in suits. Tiger exited the room with a dark-haired woman, not his wife, giving his security guards the evil eye when he realized someone else was in the hall seeing him.”

Amazing that the guy can fit in any time for golf at all.

Who’ll be the next person to come forward and claim to have had sexual relations with Tiger Woods? Click through the photo gallery for our predictions!