VIDEO: Pete Doherty Needs to Work on His Crowd-Pleasing Skills

Geez; whatever happened to, “Hello, Munich! Great to be here!”

New Music Express reports that Babyshambles frontman and legendary crackhead Pete Doherty has issued an apology after attempting to pump up the crowd at Munich’s On3 festival last Saturday. 

How’s that?

Oh, did we forget to mention that he attempted to rouse the audience by belting out the Nazi anthem “Das Deutschlandlied”?

Yeah. The crowd seemed to have a pretty big problem with that.

Following the uproar, a spokesperson for the singer was quick to clarify that Doherty meant no harm in conjuring Germany’s shameful history:

“[He] wanted to celebrate his appearance in Munich by assimilating and integrating with the crowd, something he tries do wherever he goes.”

Wow; if this is Pete’s attempt to play nice with others, can you imagine how offensive Doherty could be if he actually put some effort into it?

Check out Doherty’s performance, which begins with a rambling version of “Hit the Road, Jack,” below:

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