Grammys Committee Prepares to Bend to the All-Powerful Will of Lady GaGa

Behold the power of Lady GaGa!

People magazine reports that, as the Grammys Committee prepare to announce its nominees for the 52nd annual awards show, it’s considering changing its nominees rules, due to the outrage over the Pantlsess One being frozen out of the Best New Artist Category.

It seems that, even though 2009 has undeniably been The Year of the GaGa, the “Bad Romance” chanteuse is ineligible for Best New Artist due to her nomination last year for Best Dance Recording for her “Just Dance” single. Which apparently didn’t sit too well with the legions of GaGa fanatics across the globe.

In an effort to prevent a torch-and-pitchfork-wielding mob from descending on the Grammys offices, Grammys president Neil Portnow promises that his organization will take steps to prevent such gross miscarriages of justice in the future:

“This particular issue in the Best New Artist category is on our radar and I would expect changes to address it in next year’s voting.”

Considering that GaGa is capable of paralyzing a person just by staring at him, we’d say you made the right move, Neil.