Is John Mayer the Crazy Catfighting Starlet-Whisperer?

Is there a new career in the future for “don’t call me a doucheJohn Mayer? Rarely a week goes by where the singer’s name isn’t attached to one of Hollywood’s hottest ladies, but Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson? Hey, he’s just trying to help a sista out!

Here’s the scenario at Butter Nightclub at NYC last week:

“Lindsay and Sam didn’t arrive together. Lindsay walked in, and the two said a quick hello, but then Linds went to the table where John was sitting.”

It was at this crucial moment in Clubs-named-after-delicious-food History that Mayer made his move. It was a dangerous one, but it’s not like the Battle Studies star is a stranger to the female sex. And, yeah, even HE is sick of the Sam/Lilo drama.

According to the NY Daily News, Sam eventually came over to the table but sat on the opposite side of John. The source says, “Lindsay looked upset that Sam hadn’t come over to her, and she started whispering to John, who looked like he was trying to calm her down. She looked pretty angry. Then John got up and went to talk to Sam.”

After the Mayer-vention, the ladies seemed to finally be able to breathe the same oxygen without Lindsay drunk-tweeting to the World about Sam’s wrongdoings. “Lindsay seemed happier than she has in ages,” the spy said. “Sam eventually got up and deejayed for a while, and Lindsay kept standing up and looking over to the deejay booth, smiling.”

Now, we’re just dying to know: What do you think John Mayer whispered to Sam?!