Join The Boop Revolution!

Some people high-five when they greet each other, some ass-slap, and others simply say “Hello.” Our President is fond of the fist-bump. But here at Celebuzz, we do things a tad bit differently. We Boop each other, usually on our adorable little noseys.

The exact origin of The Boop is unknown. My instincts tell me it may date back to the Jurassic Period, the Brachiosaurus ultilizing its long neck to Boop its young in a gesture of love and protection (see photo in gallery). Later, humans were inspired to use alternate appendages to Boop their fellows. The outstretched finger was the obvious choice… and so it went from there.

Over the last few years, The Boop has made a comeback of Jurassic proportions, featuring as an intimate expression of bromance in Superbad, a creepy form of poking/pointing on Shiantology and a sisterly “Hi” in the Kardashians’ Thanksgiving Tweets. Next up? The Facebook Boop application. Because damn it, no one wants to be poked anymore!

How To: Create the Ultimate Boop

1. Most important… Find a victim or willing receiver. They don’t have to be human.

2. Don’t invade the receiver’s personal space… The Boop can exist outside the personal bubble. In fact, some of the best Boops are inflicted from more than 2-3 feet away from the receiver. Find your balance.

3. Stretch out the index finger. Right handed, left handed, doesn’t matter, but if you’re ambidextrous calm the hell down… Booping is inflicted using one hand only.

4. Pick a Booping point. The nose is a favorite among newbies but seasoned Boopers have started to experiment with other body parts. Be creative. (Note: Drawing a target on the booping point is not necessary and completely ruins the element of surprise.)

5. Slowly lean towards the Boopee. Holding the extended index finger out at a right angle to your torso, continue to move the tip of the finger toward your target. The speed at which this is done will depend on how close you are to the target, if they are moving, running away from you, etc.)

6. Inhale… the moment the tip of your finger makes contact with the Boopee, gently vocalize the physical wonderment with a “Boop.”

7. If you did a good job, the Boopee will Boop you back, and your relationship will be confirmed.

Now get out there and give someone The Boop, kiddies!

Caution: Booping under the influence has its pros and cons. Proceed at your own risk. Celebuzz will not be responsible for any injuries, deaths or STDs transmitted in the Booping process.