PHOTO GALLERY: Mila Kunis Reveals “Dark, Tortured Nymphomaniac Side” to BlackBook Magazine

That ‘70s Show and Family Guy star Mila Kunis graces the pages of BlackBook’s December 2009 issue, and while we’re sure she has many intriguing things to say about life, current affairs, and her angry, aggressive sex scene with Natalie Portman in the ballet thriller Black Swan, we believe it’s her pictures that tell the real story here.

Namely, a story of eyeliner, black garments, fancy cars and despair, all set among the enigmatic realization that this is the kind of hotness that Macaulay Culkin, who still exists, gets to have sex with every night (yes, Mila’s his lady). Feel free to slap your cheeks in a full-on Home Alone face right about now.

Click through the photo gallery for full existential riddle.

PS: Thanks to The Superficial for the heads-up.