Potential Slogan Fallout For Brands Endorsed By Tiger Woods

One of the world’s most sought-after celebrity endorsers, Tiger Woods takes home as much as $75 million (in a good year) from his list of Fortune 500 brands he touts, wears, drives, and generally pimps throughout the year.

Given Tiger’s current “other woman/women” predicament, we at Celebuzz believe it may behoove some of the golfer’s more prominent brand partners to reconsider their famous slogans.

Gatorade“Is it in you?”

Um, is this question addressed to the star of the mega-hit reality show, Tool Academy?  Then, clearly, the answer is “Yes.”  

We suggest Gatorade consider a change to “Is it in your wife where it belongs?”

Buick“It makes you feel like the man you are.”

No kidding, Buick once actually used this slogan in their advertisments. Hmm, what else might make you feel like the man you are? Perhaps a Vegas “nightlife specialist” who is prone to silicone? Yeah, either that or a Buick. Same difference.

AT&T“Reach out and touch someone”

Dear God, this is too easy.  Might AT&T consider a more apropos slogan, such as “We sell anonymous text numbers and won’t give your wife any information when she calls inquiring about your call history!”  Maybe too late for Tiger, but it could really help out the next guy. Think about it, AT&T, and call me.

Nike“Just do it”

Oh, Tiger did it. And, now, he’s done gonna get it. Probably to the tune of several hundred million dollars. Perhaps more fittingly, Nike could’ve used the more forewarning slogan of “Just do it… to yourself if you really need it that badly.”

Accenture“High Performance. Delivered.”

Dang, that’s a masculine slogan.  That’s the kind of slogan that you repeat with emphasis to the cocktail waitress you’re diddling behind the 19th Hole Bar. I wouldn’t dare suggest a change to this slogan. It’s too manly. It might hit punch me in the face then feel up my girlfriend.

Gillette“The best a man can get”

Maybe consider, “The most a man can get”? You know, like a wife, two kids, a full-time career, and a half-dozen or so ladies on the side. There will always be men who try to fly too high, so perhaps Gillette can re-frame this to convince them to keep it real?

EA Sports“It’s in the game”

I’d like to see them put this part of Tiger’s life into their next game. And I’d like the graphics to be amazing.

Upper Deck“Get more than lucky”

Okay, so this is the slogan for Upper Deck Kids sub-brand of the trading card company.  But  who’s gotten more lucky than Tiger Woods (at least until a few days ago)?  Still, Upper Deck might want to reconsider, maybe go with something like “Don’t kid yourself, you never get lucky for free.”