Spot Check: Is Halle Berry's Fang Bangin'? (PHOTOS)

Halle Berry recently stepped out in this little fanged-smiley number that I find confounding, fashion-wise. Should we love or hate this? Let's do a spot check and break it all down.

For one, that "Friendly Vampire" smiley thing seems a little too happy... like freakishly happy, as if he just took a Twilight-sized bite out of Kristen Stewart and she tasted like caramel. Also there's the small issue of that loincloth thing she has draped around her waist (or perhaps there was a mix up on laundry day and she mistakenly grabbed her boyfriend's cut-off denim shorts). Either way, it's a big no-Nosferatu.

Now on the other hand, those tall black boots are almost single-bootedly saving this whole look. They make me want to spend a month eating only Ramen, forgoing all forms of entertainment and living beneath the freeway overpass so I can save enough pennies to enhance my own legs with a pair of those bad boys.

So does she pass your fashion test? Let us know in the comments below.



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  • sherry

    she need a burger, to pale and skinny, her facing is staring to look old, but i forgot she is 50

  • wordup

    I want that sweater!!! Does anyone know where she got it?

  • kate

    I agree with the websites, she needs alot attention

  • me

    Twilight vamps DON'T have fangs. Halle is supporting the old school vampires!

  • sarah

    Um She's Halle Berry, she's gorgeous, she can do no wrong!

  • DAWN

    She's a Vamp fan that's great!...the sweat shirt is cute and it looks comfy.

  • DAWN

    Right on Halle!...I want one also!

  • Dayna

    I want that sweater!!! Does anyone know where she got it?

  • sydsouth

    * she's my nick name..* lolz