Tiger Woods’ Wife Was Rescuing the Hell Out of Him (PHOTOS)

In his mealy-mouthed apology for his alleged “transgressions” and “sins” this morning, Woods denounced the “utterly false and malicious” rumors that his wife, Elin Nordegren, had engaged in “physical violence” during last Friday’s early-morning car crash at their Florida home.

But then a few minutes later, the Florida Highway Patrol released these photos of Woods’ wrecked Escalade. Can’t you just feel the love, grace and support flowing from that shattered back window?

According to the official line, Nordegren had smashed open the window with one of Woods’ golf clubs in a frantic effort to free her trapped husband from the car—and totally not because she was infuriated with him for probably screwing around on her with a Los Angeles cocktail waitress and God knows how many others.

Apparently, they don’t believe in spare car keys in the Woods household—just love and support, doled out the old-fashioned way: with the business end of a one-wood right through the window.

Click through the photo gallery for yourselves to experience domestic bliss, Tiger Woods-style.