Britney Spears Ushers in the Era of Cookie Monster Chic for ‘Elle’

Attention, fashionistas; we’ve identified the hot trend for the Fall/Winter season: Dressing up like a children’s TV character.

First we had Jessica Simpson channeling Barney the Dinosaur as she sashayed down the streets of New York City on Wednesday.

And now Britney Spears has turned up in the pages of Elle magazine, sporting a furry blue curiosity that practically screams, “COO-KIE!” And kooky.

It’s not a look that every woman could pull off. But you have to give Brit-Brit points for daring. And we can only imagine that the bright blue, overgrown feather-duster she’s wearing would be perfectly complemented by a dusting of orange Cheetos crumbs.

Well-played, Ms. Spears. Well-played.