So, Just What Is Nick Jonas’ New Song About? (VIDEO)

Behold, Nicky J fans: below you will hear a new song from Nick Jonas and the Administration called “Rose Garden.” It’s kind of serious and sad, almost making us forget that the guy who’s singing it is usually traveling the world in private jets, starring in movies, playing for President Obama, and “making out” with hot chicks.

So just what’s the inspiration for this new “down-on-your luck ballad” direction our beloved Nick has taken? A few theories for your consideration:


The Wizards of Waverly Place star seems to fit perfectly into the songs lyrics: “She was brought into this world out of a beautiful mistake. Her mom was just a girl and her daddy didn’t stay.” Selena’s mom was just 16-years-old when she gave birth. Nick kicked her to the Walt Disney curb in February ’09.


Coined “Niley” by their army of followers, the pair was undeniably cute and powerful. We get it. But, that lil’ minx Miley had bigger things on her mind. Like a 1/2 year pass to Justin Gastons gun show.

An Actual Rose Garden

Little known fact—Sundays are reserved for NJ’s alone time, where he spends hours on end in the Jonai Rose Garden. Oftentimes, you can find him prancing barefoot through the flowers, breathing in the innocent, intoxicating smells of nature.