Today On The Internet: The Beard Cage

Just for fun (and to take a little breather from the fame monsters), your friends here at Celebuzz will now be providing you with a daily recap of insane and amazing things that are happening in other corners of the Internet.

  • For any of you who have been sleeping too soundly at night, know that there is a man walking around somewhere who has imprisoned his face in a cage made of his own beard. (YouTube)
  • President Obama-shaped ecstasy. It’s get you totally high on hope, but then you mostly just spend hours babbling on to your friends about how health care is, like, SO amazing. (10Connects)
  • Do you want to see an adorable little pug dressed up like Santa Claus? Shhh, don’t answer — just click. (BuzzFeed)
  • In other canine craziness, the only thing sillier than a video a person doing Parkour is video of a puppy doing Parkour. (The Daily What)
  • If you’re not watching Steven Seagal: Lawman and learning everything there is to know about justice from America’s favorite ’90s action star/master of policework, you should have your television taken away. (Videogum)