Are Sienna And Jude Ready To Go Back To Shagging Each Other?

Photos and rumors have been floating around the gossip-sphere lately, excitedly announcing that Jude Law and Sienna Miller might be rekindling their relationship, which was once a match made in anglo-saxon heaven.

As you may recall, tragedy befell this beautiful couple when Jude shagged the couple’s nanny in varous forms and manners about the castle.  Subsequently, Sienna left Jude, then broke up a few marriages herself by shagging numerous celebrity husbands.  In response, Jude shagged so many women that his hair literally fell out, then fathered at least one shag-child for good measure.  Finally, Jude and Sienna, both exhausted from so much shaggery, each arrived for gigs in Manhattan, where they now seem to have rekindled their romance and may or may not be shagging each other once again.

As I always say, the only thing nicer than shagging is a happy ending.