Evan Rachel Wood’s Vampire-Goth Love Triangle

Alexandar Skaarsgard: Six feet four inches of Swedish man meat, desired by millions of men and women across the World (not to mention amazing in Zoolander).

Marilyn Manson: Known for his rich taste for drugs, bizzare and transgendered on-stage costumes, and increasingly irrelevant and ridiculous goth antics.

They have almost nothing in common, except liking blood. And Evan Rachel Wood.

Wood used to date Manson, but then reportedly started getting it on with co-star A-Skars when she recently joined the cast of True Blood. But when the season ended, so did their thirst for each other, as Alexandar has moved on to his Straw Dogs costar, Kate Bosworth, Wood has now apparently resumed having hot, wild, totally gross sex with Manson (if his latest statements are to be believed). Sorry—hope you haven’t eaten lunch yet.


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