Lady Gaga Celebrates Grammy Noms The Only Way She Knows How, Pantsless (VIDEO)

This year’s Grammy Awards would be nothing without the Her Royal Pantlessness, Lady GaGa, who was almost knocked out of the race because of silly old Grammy procedures. But even the rigid committee of irrelevant olds who hand out the annual music trophies couldn’t help but bow down to Gags, as she was nominated for a whopping five awards at the prestigious ceremony. 

At her Boston Concert on Wednesday evening, the singer delayed hitting the stage for 1.5 hrs to find out whether or not she was nominated. But it was worth it, because when she took the stage, she was on fire, saying to the crowd, “Thank you to all of you little monsters. This year, you were nominated for five Grammy Awards.” Then, rather than dropping her ass to the floor, she spit out a booming F-Bomb to the delight of the packed dome. Aww….the sound of monsters in harmony!