New Tattoo Reminds Miley Cyrus To Breathe When Staring At Her Own Breasts (PHOTOS)

So as we were carefully conducting our CSI-style forensic examination of yesterday’s latest batch of Miley Cyrus bikini pics (for science, naturally), it came to our attention that the wayward young Disney pin-up appears to be sporting a new tattoo under her left breast (use our zoom feature on the photos to see for yourselves).

From what we can tell, the scripted letters spell out “Just Breathe,” which we’re assuming is some kind of personal reminder for her to keep on doing the one involuntary biological behavior that is necessary to continue living (Lindsay Lohan has a similar “Breathe” tattoo on her wrist, leading us to believe there may be some kind of epidemic we didn’t know about where starlets are dying after forgetting to breathe because their lives are so busy and important).

Also, why would Miley choose to place such a vital message under her boob? Is she doing a lot of self-exploration in mirrors? Or is the message actually intended for whichever teen hunk happens to be sliding into second base with her this month? Either way, gross.

Let us know in the comments: So what do you think about Miley’s new ink? What other important reminders should she permanently tattoo on her body?