The Biebs Dominates Cobra Starship… With Adorableness (VIDEO)

What do Justin Bieber and Cobra Starship have in common? Absolutely nothing, but who the hell cares… we can’t get enough of The Biebs.

The teeny, glossy-maned phenom was challenged to a dance off earlier this week by Cobra Starship’s front man, Gabe Saporta, but had to resort to other methods of thrashery due to his broken foot.

“Playing the drums and using a broken foot on the pedal isnt easy,” said Biebs on his YouTube channel, “so I dont know how ‘epic’ this solo was but it was worth it.” So worth it!!!

“I just got smoked by a kid half my size,” said Saporta, who seemed a little taken aback by the tiddler’s skills. It’s not the size that matters, Gabe, it’s how you use it, and Baby Biebs just knows how to dominate with his rhythm stick.

Congrats Baby Biebs on gaining yet an other Saporta.