The Evolution of the Snuggie (PHOTOS)

The Snuggie phenomenon hit our society hard (or shall we say, quite comfortably).

First it was just an infomercial, mercilessly mocked on the Internet for physically embodying the wanton laziness of couch-dwelling Americans. But then people slowly began to realize that there was something more to this idea of blankets with sleeves and a headhole. One by one, we submitted to the Snuggie. However, one day we realized that – even though we had basically given up on life by enwombing ourselves in the warmth of these blanket-shaped clothes to waste away in front of our TVs for hours on end – we still wanted to look good whilst doing so.

Which brings us to the latest stages of this strange product’s evolution: Snuggie fashion. With cheetah prints and runway models and even Native American hipster Snuggies, America has finally figured out a way to make laziness trendy.  

Click through our gallery to see all the crazy ways in which the Snuggie has evolved!

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