Total Lack of Surprise Day Buzz Links

Today’s edition of Buzz Links starts off with some shocking news. If you know absolutely nothing about headline-grubbing fame ‘hos.

  • Tiger Woods’ alleged mistress, Jamiee Grubbs, reportedly made a sex tape. You mean a woman who would bang a married man, then blab to the media about it, would also put out for the camera? Could someone pass the smelling salts, please? (Lime Life)
  • In other Tiger Woods news (because has there been any other kind this week?), Grubbs has also revealed that the golfer is “very insecure” about his small calves. Don’t worry, Tiger; that massive bulge in your back pocket more than makes up for it. (Us Magazine)
  • In superhero-movie casting news, Anne Hathaway is gearing up to play the Black Cat in the next Spider-Man movie, and Johnny Depp may play the Riddler in the next Batman flick. No word on when Amy Winehouse’s big-screen debut as Crackula will begin filming. (Wonderwall)
  • Jessica Alba’s husband, Cash Warren, is apparently eager to hop on the “cheat on my hot wife with a skankasaurus” bandwagon. Warren reportedly shared a “raw” kiss with Lindsay Lohan at a West Hollywood nightclub recently. If he thought the kiss was raw, wait until the oozing sores pop up. (Us Magazine)
  • While the rest of the world was busy gawking at Miley Cyrus in a bikini, Taylor Swift was also spotted in a two-piece yesterday. But since she’s about as controversial as lukewarm tapioca, only the crickets seemed to care. (The Superficial)
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