What is Beyonce Really Doing On This “Vacation”? (POLL)

Singer/dancer/booty-shaker Beyonce has announced that she’ll be taking a two month “vacation” from work in 2010, declaring it a wonderful time for her to visit museums, take in the sites of Manhattan, and tour the world without her entourage on a pleasure-only getaway. I call bull.

Any veteran celeb-watcher worth their sparkles knows that superstars simply don’t take long vacations in the prime of their career; and they certainly never announce such sabbaticals well in-advance.  The “oh, by the way” dropping of this bomb of extended Beyonce-lessness is precisely the type of calculated public relations move that ought to lead to rampant speculation. So speculate we shall…

Let us know: What is Beyonce really up to next year with her planned time off?