Busted: Lindsay Lohan & Jason Segel’s Late Night “Meeting” (PHOTOS)

Well, well, well. What do we have here? The latest guy on Lindsay Lohan’s radar is none other than How I Met Your Mother star Jason Segel. Sheesh, who’s next…Tiger Woods? But we digress…

Anyways, LiLo partied over at Segel’s house on Friday night and didn’t leave until 7 freakin’ AM. You can just imagine what kind of sleeping went on.

But of course, a surely sober Linds immediately took to her Twitter after being photographed, saying “haha*now..a meeting at a coworkers home has turned into a new love interest! It’s absurd! @least I’m laughing @the rediculous manifestations.” Riiiight, cuz most meetings occur in the middle of the night.

Feast your eyes on these puppies in our new gallery. Umm, Jason, even Puppet Dracula can’t save you now!