Bar Refaeli Is World’s Only Hot Hippie (PHOTOS)

Can’t you just smell the patchouli oil from here? Model and occasional Leonardo DiCaprio bedmate Bar Refaeli threw on a headband and banged her sweet little tambourine at Israel’s HaHula Nature Reserve over the weekend for an ultra-groovy, ’60s-themed photo-shoot for Fox Fashion.

While we’re a little dismayed by the conspicuous absence of a bikini in these pictures (shouldn’t that be part of the Models’ Charter where Refaeli is concerned?), we do appreciate Bar’s effort to present an idealized version of the past, one in which naïve hippie chicks, their heads full of Age of Aquarius philosophies and LSD-25, applied Free Love principles in real-world terms, but didn’t perfect their macramé skills by braiding their armpit hair.

Click through the photo gallery to enjoy Bar Refaeli’s delightfully whitewashed trip down memory lane.

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