Hulk and Linda Hogan Now Literally Battling Over Toilet Seats

Hulk and Linda Hogan Now Literally Battling Over Toilet Seats-photo

Hulk Hogan, one-time world's most famous professional wrestler and role model to boys everywhere is now demanding that his ex-wife, Linda, return the toilet seat he claims she stole during their divorce-related house cleaning.

From Hogan Knows Best to the legal woes of a drunk driving son to all the drama surrounding the Hulkster's messy divorce from ex-wife (and female twin) Linda, you could say things have been in the toilet for some time, but things just got real real.


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  • gene

    Hulk i think that u are a good man. Looking at your show i think that u and linda did a good job with the up bringing of your children. Sorry for what happen to nick but u are not responsible for his action. Only thing u can do as parents is be there for him in time of need. Keep up the good job brooke. To Hulk and Linda, good luck in your new life.

  • charliemurphy

    Good work to whoever chose that photo for this story. Looks like the former Mrs. Hogan got a little more than she could handle from the Hulkster.

  • stellabella

    Hulk& Linda need to grow up..The both of them should be ashamed of their self dating children...


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