Justin Bieber Channels His Inner Eminem (VIDEO)

Nothing goes better together than Justin Bieber and Eminem. Both with their deep roots in Detroit’s hardscrabble neighborhoods and a shared bond forged through years of hard knows and discrimination against their gansta rap dreams. They’re basically one in the same.

To celebrate the classic diddy “Lose Yourself” at his recent concert stop in Detroit, Baby Biebs attempted to put his sweet, soothing voice in his back pocket for a minute and paid homage to his 8 Mile rap hero.

He musta been proud too, because afterwards he tweeted, “last night in Detroit was nuts…had to pay respect to that guy from 8 mile. EMINEM is a beast,” along with a link to the vid. 

Hmmm…so, how did he do? Let’s just say he should stick to what he does best: romancing tha ladies