Post-Apocalyptic Road Warrior Chic: So Hot Right Now (PHOTOS)

Between 2012, The Road, and the season premiere of MTV’s Jersey Shore, it’s definitely starting to feel like the apocalypse might finally be upon us.

And you know what that means: Hollywood’s most fashion-forward celebs are already getting into the “end of civilization” spirit by sporting some hot new styles that look like they were plucked directly out of a post-apocalyptic scorched-earth wasteland where the planet’s last remaining survivors must battle mutant space-bikers in order to stay alive.

From Rihanna to Adam Lambert to Lauren effing Conrad (who will probably also be at least partially responsible for bringing about the whole apocalypse in the first place), it’s all about spikes, sparkles, and bullet-proofed everything.

Check out our photo gallery to see the full-on “Apocalypticouture” trend for yourselves!