Taylor Swift’s Guide to ’80s Beauty (PHOTOS)

Taylor Swift has joined forces with T: The New York Times Style Magazine to double-handedly bring back the bright blue glamour of the ’80s in a not-so-new way. The last unfortunate attempt was made by Mimi Bobeck of The Drew Carey Show but we’re confident this country trendsetter has what it takes to light the trend on fire. Below is a step-by-step tutelage of how to paint on your own Swift face.

1. Use a roller brush to coat your face in a shade of foundation that is dangerously close to white. Warning: DO NOT actually use white.

2. Sweep a bit of electric blue shadow from lash line to brow line.

3. Repeat step 2

4. Take a few laps around your chops with a boysenberry or candy apple red lipstick

5. Repeat step 2

Just add some Culture Club and you’re good to go.

Click through the gallery to see more of Taylor’s looks.