Today on the Internet: Kanye vs. Karl—A Quote Deathmatch!

In honor of Pearl Harbor Day, we at Celebuzz would like to present some other things that will also live in infamy. Or at least in perpetuity, on the Internet, for your eternal enjoyment:

  • One’s a 76-year-old, tart-tongued designing legend. The other’s a spotlight-stealing rapper who’s gonna let you finish—eventually. They both tend to gush some pretty asinine quotes. Take this test and see if you can tell who said it—Karl Lagerfeld or Kanye West? (Kongregate)
  • What do you get when you cross Frosty the Snowman and raunchy dialog from How I Met Your Mother? A holiday classic that’s inappropriate for the whole family! (YouTube)
  • Contrary to what one might assume, LOLcats have actually been annoying people for the better part of a century. View the shocking photographic evidence. (Mental Floss)
  • Danny DeVito has horrifying, trollish feet, and naturally he wants you to gaze intently at ‘em. Here are 50 shots of them in video slideshow form, to better facilitate your inevitable nausea. (BuzzFeed)
  • Is everybody on MySpace and Facebook a sexual offender? Duh—you really need to ask? Let this foul-mouthed granny break it down for you. (LiveLeak)