Why Rob a Bank When You Can Rob Victoria Beckham?

Banks are so old school…all of the cool kids have turned to robbing designers instead, like Victoria Beckham. And why not? Yes, some uber mastermind out there formulated a foolproof scheme in which they were to heist a load of VB’s dresses straight from the delivery van at knife point. Well, mission accomplished … but now what?

Let’s weigh the pros and cons of this ingenious move.

PRO: The obviously audacious attacker went head to head with ONE unaware delivery man instead of the usual crowd of bank tellers, loan officers, financial analysts and customers. Basically a room full of people whom he could learn a thing or two from. Dude has balls.

PRO: It’s somewhat clear the heister lacks the knowledge and skills required to MacGyver his way into the rock-solid, overly-secure walls of a bank safe thus, he he made the obvious choice and to go for a guaranteed form of security more at his level…a delivery truck. Don’t judge.

PRO: Heister walks away with around $570,000 in designer dresses that he can easily turn into quick cash by…..umm…..

On second thought, there don’t seem to be any cons.

What do you think the heister will do with the dresses? Let us know in the comments below.