Celebuzz Winner of the Day: Lindsay Lohan

In a surprising announcement, Lindsay Lohan is leaving for India to film a BBC documentary detailing the subcontinent’s scourge of impoverished children.

Lindsay’s not the most likely of candidates to fill this casting call.

Or is she?

Just imagine how many people don’t suffer from the affects of drugs and alcohol because Lindsay consumes these substances in mass quantities far before they get down the line to less well-connected people.

If there’s a lousy movie to be made, Lindsay volunteers right up to take the leading role, saving countless number of actresses the embarrassment of having such dogs on their resumes.

Are you a trashy girl?  Lindsay will love you.  Loser guy?  Lindsay’s your squeeze.

For all you do for other people, and, now, the children of India, Lindsay Lohan, you are our Winner of the Day!