Golf Digest Has Really Unfortunate Timing, Photoshopping Tendencies

Oh, the perils and pitfalls of planning a magazine months in advance.

Behold the new cover of the January 2010 Golf Digest, which depicts links legend Tiger Woods—who’s currently in the news because of his apparently unquenchable thirst for sleeping around on his hot Swedish model wife—hovering saucily over President Barack Obama in an obviously Photoshopped but thoroughly hilarious composite photo.

Gotta love the accompanying coverline: “10 Tips Obama Can Take From Tiger.” Especially since it looks like the nation’s Chief Executive is preparing to take a big, juicy, swollen tip from Woods right there on the spot. We knew that Tiger was prolific, but who suspected that his club swings both ways?

Can’t wait to see what sexy surprises those fortune-tellers over at Golf Digest have in store for the February issue!

For more completely Photoshopped but totally incontrovertible evidence of Tiger Woods’ dalliances, make sure to click through our photo gallery.