If Tiger Knew Then What He Knows Now, Would He Take A Mulligan?

One has to wonder if Tiger Woods could have known then, what he knows now, about the high cost of his bedroom (and parking lot and bathroom and golf course, and…) dalliances with women not named Mrs. Woods, would he take a mulligan?

Let’s examine the costs.

1.  Tens/hundreds of millions of dollars.  Flat out, that’s going to be the likely financial cost in revisions to the pre-nup and potential loss in brand endorsements down the line.  Add up even your boldest prediction for Tiger’s total number of “encounters” and divide into $200M or so and see what his per-incident cost truly was in dollars.

2.  Three-iron to the head. Though painful at the time, I think Tiger will look back on the beating as the least worst moment of this entire fallout.

3.  Previously silent mistresses becoming cash-happy chatty-Cathys. The “my lips are sealed” pacts have flown out the window and everybody who’s ever seen Tiger Woods’ man junk is spinning embarrassingly personal yarns for the media.

4.  Mother-in-law in the house! Like the inevitable thunder afer a lightning strike, the arrival of the mom-in-law, Barbro Holmberg, is like the lights going on at the bar at the end of the evening — and they’re staying on — forever! 

5.  The top butt of late night jokes. Tiger’s predicament is the ultimate fodder for late night comedians; there won’t be a single aspect of Tiger’s life not picked apart over the next several weeks, if not longer, depending on the scandal cleanup schedule.

Say you’re Tiger and you’re looking at Mistress #1.She’s eying you like she’s been marching for years through the desert and you’re a tall glass of water.  You can have whatever, whenever.  But you also have a claravoiyant image of the future fallout. 

Do you still unleash your inner-Tiger?