Let’s Help Mark Salling Find A New Hairdo (PHOTOS)

Take a break from your busy day and imagine yourself in the shoes of Glee hottie Mark Salling. He stars in one of the hottest shows on TV, hooking up high-class ladies like Audrina Patridge, and admired by millions of fans. Seems pretty nice, right?

That’s where you’re WRONG. Salling’s pissed. He despises the hair style has to sport on the show….a mohawk. He tells People:

“I’m so over the mohawk, I’m not gonna lie. I hate the mohawk. It was cool for a while, but I’ve had it for like a year, you know I’m kind of over it. I feel better when I don’t have it.”

Well, Marky…it could be a lot worse. To get your mind straight, we’ve imagined some other hairstyles that you could have gotten stuck with to cheer you up!

Click through our gallery and share your favorite ‘do in the comment section!