Today on the Internet: Lions and Tigers and Bears, OMG!

Here’s some stuff that happened in other corners of the Internet today:

  • A lion, a tiger, and a bear. Real life besties. So cute it could kill you, literally. (Tabloid Prodigy)
  • Someone has taken it upon themselves to use Autotune to make sense of this strange year that was 2009. Well, they at least made it sound nice. (HuffPo)
  • MTV has started receiving death threats from guidos angry about Jersey Shore. Pro tip: when you piss off guidos, they act like guidos. (PopEater)
  • Where is the cast of Family Ties at today? Mostly getting arrested and being lesbians. (BuzzFeed)
  • Doesn’t it seem like hippies are always crying about trees? Well these ones literally are. (YouTube)