Aubrey O’Day Experiences Seduction Fail With Samantha Ronson

Apparently, not everyone is swayed by Aubrey O’Day’s substantial charms.

Wait, hold on—before you go grabbing the torches and pitchforks, it’s totally true, at least according to the New York Post.

A source tells the paper that the Danity Kane outcast made a big-time play for celebrity deejay and former Lindsay Lohan GF Samantha Ronson at Las Vegas watering hole Lavo last Friday, but failed to land her prey, despite employing the time-tested wooing technique of mashing your ass against a glass plate and working your best stripper moves.

The Post reports,

The Danity Kane singer planted herself on top of a banquette directly in front of Samantha Ronson’s deejay booth and shook everything she’s got at the NASCAR Champion’s party at club Lavo in Las Vegas. A spy said, “She was doing everything to get Samantha’s attention, including grinding her derriere on the glass partition that blocked off the booth.”

And how did SamRo respond to this seemingly irresistible come-on? Um, she didn’t:

“Samantha totally ignored her.”

Wow, what’s a girl have to do to win hearts these days? Is romance dead?