Lindsay Lohan's Hotel Room Coke Party 3-Way: The Movie (VIDEO)

Lindsay Lohan's Hotel Room Coke Party 3-Way: The Movie (VIDEO)-photo

At this very moment, Lindsay Lohan is doing charity work overseas in India. But you'd never think it from this just-released video, in which she stars as herself, frolicking around a hotel room with two wasted model types. We're guessing she went "method" on this one.

The video is apparently the result of Lohan’s nipply photoshoot with Muse Magazine, or as she likes to call it, a regular Monday afternoon at the Chateau Marmont. 

It's really some of the finest acting Lohan's done in forever. Take a look, then take a bath.


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  • mscharlie

    I remember her saying years ago that sometimes she "sparks" up controversy because her life is "dull" and she likes to read about it. So lesbian sex, cocaine, dad saying she had Aids, mother is a trashy ass woman, anorexia rumors, broke, wack movie roles later. I guess careful what you wish for.

  • appalled and disgusted
    appalled and disgusted

    Yikes. Looks like heroin now, not coke.

  • jenn420

    Let Lindsay be lindsay ! You go sweetie ! Who gives a FU** What haters think !!

  • Aamanda Smith
    Aamanda Smith

    i like the old lindsay. i want the old lindsay back

  • Abe

    There are way more pics of this shoot over at the story that broke all of this Lohan fabulous-ness at

  • vpopadiuc87

    i think she is looking good

  • sarah

    I think this video is sexy and very artistic. I like it, I'd like it no matter who the chick was, but I happen to think Lindsay looks gorgeous... a little dirty maybe, but undeniably beautiful. Kate Moss is a wild, dirty girl too and that was the theme of this photo shoot. She did a great job. "Class" is not what the shoot was about, obviously. People need to stop judging Lindsay Lohan, especially on projects like this that are intended to project a fantasy-- this is not, as Celebuzz so cleverly implies, an afternoon in the life of LL... this site has seriously gotten much more terrible than usual lately. I may actually stop reading it. The writers suck. Anyway, she is a big girl, and whatever projects she decides to do are her business!! but I am a fan! :)

  • hallucinojen

    still don't understand what anyone sees in this no talent, highly overrated whore. this is soft core porn. she can't get a real job, so she has to get naked to get any attention. artistic integrity my ass. nothing about this looks classy.

  • oooturtleo

    shes so nasty so tired of hearing about her!

  • dl

    Ilove it . IT IS SEXY. To be honest-I miss Lindsay on the big screen

  • noah

    Reminds me of the movie "Kids" ... except with slightly less AIDS. Slightly.


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