Reality TV Cameras Are the Only Family the Gosselin Kids Know

There are two reasons why I’m not the least bit shocked by the revelation in tonight’s Barbara Walters “Most Fascinating People of 2009″ TV special, that Jon & Kate’s eight children are sad about the loss of their beloved reality show camera crew.

1. This camera crew has been part of their daily lives for, well, their entire lives. They’ve become accustomed to gaffers stringing lights in in their bathroom tubs, camera men sliding out from under their beds, and mini-cams placed perfectly so in their Cap’n Crunch cereal boxes.  Suddenly, that odd, but routine part of their lives has vanished — like a death in the family — of seven Hollywood craftspersons.

2. Let’s face it, without the camera crew, the kids are facing the reality of their actual parentage. No longer is tape operator, “Joe”, reading them their bedtime stories. Now, it’s ass-backward-horse-tail-haired mom, Kate Gosselin, reciting them chapter and verse in between taking red alert phone calls from her publicist and typing poison pen emails to her wayward former husband, Jon Gosselin.

“Oh, sextuplets, Mommy would love to be at your school play but she needs to be on Barbara Walters exposing the intimate details of your mommy and daddy’s divorce and sharing cute, but ought-be-private little embarrasing stories of your potty mistakes.”

I’d be crying for the camera crew to come back, too.