The Queen's Top 10 Celebrity Crushes (PHOTOS)

We all saw the pictures of a red latex-wearing GaGa and cleavage-showing Miley Cyrus meeting Queen Elizabeth II from Monday's Royal Variety Show performance. And it got us thinking... when exactly did the Queen of England stop acting like a dignified head of state symbolizing years of England's imperial dominance, and start acting like "Lizzie, #1 Celebrity Superfan"?

Check out our Top 10 gallery of the Queen meeting her biggest royal crushes



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  • shivani

    miles u look very stunning in this dress.just ignore the critics and those impatient 'n' jealous people who talks bad about u.



  • Sasha

    Madonna's expression isn't of disgust as if she doesn't want to shake her hand, it's because she's laughing but speaking at same time and the camera happend to get a funny shot! I've seen the video, but she still looks stunning!

  • Stanka Saskyova
    Stanka Saskyova

    She looks like she doesn't wanna shake queen's hand... wtf?

  • Stanka Saskyova
    Stanka Saskyova

    She is talented , that's why she met queen, earns money and has fans. You ppl are just jelaous !!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you, Miley :-*

  • Cazz

    I like her "i dont care if the media give me sh*t" attitude. She's 17, and she's living her life, and if she's a little out-there, then Disney should worry about THEIR image, not her, she's heading to be a billionaire within 2 years. And she deserves it.

  • loommooo!

    Thhee Queeen Is Siccckk !!!!!!!

  • FrekieSama

    I hate Madonna, maybe if i meet her my opinion changes, until then i hate her, sorry Madonna fans

  • FrekieSama

    Miley wears what they want, she can say she's sexy because she is sexy for her, she dont care about what the others says about her 'cause you all are like a bunch of trash she just gotta throw out all you stupid people that thinks she cant wear what she want, say what she want to or do what she wanna do like is your slave, you can say bad things of her but never say she cant be what she wanna be

  • 201008

    il never bow down to her . the only person i pow down to IS THE MAN UPSTAIRS !

  • ghj

    17 year olds dress worse than that shut up! damn what the hell is wrong with people if she was a normal girl noone would bug her! and because alot of her fan base is smaller people they make a huge deal trust me the little kids didnt see this. and omg the dress is past her ankles come on people lighten up. some cleavage? no biggie

  • jjl

    what are you talking about i bet your under 15!!! how much you wana bet?all the middle school kids always rank on her there so lame. grow up shes 17 shes cool she doesent give a f*ck like most 17 year olds like me

  • princessharlow

    LMAO!! Love Lady GaGa. But there's a diff between Fashion forward and Disaster! Her clothes distract from her music sometimes.

  • princessharlow

    Wow. I'm speechless

  • princessharlow

    I love you Sharon!!!!!

  • princessharlow

    Miley... please act and dress your age. Please. I beg of you.

  • ebru

    Your Majesty, Like Your Majesty,I like horses so much.I believe that,foals of your horse,''Banknote'' will at all times rank the first at horse races.We present our respects and thanks to Your Majesty for your splendid horse''Banknote'',which was presented by Your Majesty as a gift to Turkey Jockey Club. With my deepest regards Ebru Dicle-Physics Engineer

  • ebru

    Your Majesty, Your Majesty and your spouse visited Turkey with Edinburgh Duke Phlip on date of May 2008.Your Majesty went directly to the Mausoleum as soon as you got off the plane.You walked ''Arslanlı Road'',which is 260 m.distant from the Mausoleum. You doubled the deep respect and love of Turkish Public towards Your Majesty.You wrote the words below on the Special Notebook in your visit.''Presenting my respects to Mustafa Kemal Ataturk,who is an esteemed friend of United Kingdom and one of the greatest persons of the modern history,is an honour for me.'' An album,comprising of the photos taken of King Edward of United Kingdom,coming to Turkey for the first time in the year of 1936,Your Majesty,in the year of 1971 was presented to your Majesty at the end of your visit. I would like to express to Your Majesty that,you have conquered the heart of Turkish Public. With my deepest regards Ebru Dicle-Physics Engineer

  • charlie bit my finger
    charlie bit my finger

    shell be 18 next year and she cant look sexy or wear a cool outfit that she likes without being criticised because she has 5 year old fans? get real people!

  • yolanda Pierson
    yolanda Pierson

    Miley should becareful about slouching, Always have your head up high and shoulders back good posture while young goes a long way in the long run! and looks so much better and professional:)

  • cc2

    or it could be a botox smile......

  • cc2

    look at madonnas face! it looks like she is grossed out and wants to pull her hand away....weird

  • cc2

    how in the hell did miley get to meet the queen of england.....oh it must of been meet a hill billy

  • mariamahari

    Wow, I am so jealous of the queen's crown! But hey, Miley Cyrus? you gotta be kidding me. I just don't dig this.

  • tatts09

    i love russell brand...

  • lenaa

    Are you serious? That is totally below her.... God save the Queen

  • F.

    WOW! Half or your crushs are dumbs. My queen, you've bad taste. (Miley Cyrus, really?) Hahahhh! AND YES David Beckham's wayyy hotter with brown hair ;)

  • ThisJust

    Miley really doesn't deserve to meet the queen! She is a rude bitch who thinks she's sexy and forgot that 5 year old kids r looking up to her!Her fans aren't olde rtehn 15 and if yes then you r nerds :D haha Don't give that fat ugly wannabe girl attantion! Please!!!!!

  • noah

    No really, why is that chick next to Miley wearing a wrestling onesie and where did her shoes go? This isn't Walmart in Alabama, this is a meeting with the Queen of England.

  • obsessed

    HES ALSO FRIKIN HOT!!! but i like him better with brown hair

  • obsessed



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