Will Paris Hilton Be Fingered As A Suspect In Sister Nikki’s Robbery?

Did Paris Hilton rob her own sister, Nikki, yesterday? Probably not, but that’s the baseless rumor I’m starting.

The former Simple Life star alerted the world to the larcenous plight of her sis yesterday via the last mode of communication on which anybody will possibly listen to her: Twitter.

It’s unbelievable how my sister called the cops over an hour ago and they still haven’t shown up. Her house just got robbed, so messed up :(

      – Paris Hilton, Twitter

Let’s see, who had motive and opportunity to steal from the second-most famous-for-no-reason hotel heiress? Perhaps, her limelight-fading, super-spending sister, you know, the one with the criminal record? The one who was johnny-on-the-spot to alert the world to the robbery? The one who engages in so many drunken driveway disputes with her boyfriend that the L.A.P.D. is too short-handed to deal with real criminal investigations?

Case closed as far as I’m concerned!

Paris, time to give-back the jewelry and the Jimmy Choo Slingbacks mysteriously added to the swindlers’ ill-gotten take from Nikki’s home.