Britney Spears Sports Festive Holiday Sweater For Wrong Holiday

God bless Britney Spears for trying to get into the holiday season by wearing a festive sweater, but someone should really tell the poor dear that she missed Halloween by more than a month and Christmas sweaters are supposed to have snow flakes and snowmen and little red rudolph noses made out of cotton balls. Anyway, we still give her an A for effort.

Take a look at her spooky spider couture and try to remember how fun Halloween was this year!



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  • Rory

    Horrible lipstick ! Horrible everything ! My God, Brit looks terrible, like a withe fat woman....

  • Bill

    There's that horrible lipstick again. PICK A DIF COLOR BRIT! This one has looked like sh*t for the past 5 years! F u c k n trailor trash.