BUZZINGS: Adam Lambert Comes to Tiger Woods' Defense. Surely, This Will Put an End to the Hoopla.

BUZZINGS: Adam Lambert Comes to Tiger Woods' Defense. Surely, This Will Put an End to the Hoopla.-photo
  • Adam Lambert stops Frenching his band members long enough to tell the world to leave Tiger alone. (OK! Magazine)
  • Former For the Love of Ray J contestant Monica Danger has been placed on psychiatric hold. You mean someone who would actively vie for Ray J's affection might be unstable? Get out! (TMZ)
  • Nick Jonas fixes his seductive gaze on Kim Kardashian. Miraculously, she manages to walk away from the experience intact. (Ocean Up) 
  • Gary Busey is going to have a son. Because the future needs crazy! (PopEater)
  • R. Kelly is penning his autobiography, which will presumably be serialized in Penthouse Forum. (Bossip)


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  • lily

    Adam is gross. Take off the f-ing make-up dude. S h i t. I hate him. well! it is your lost not him! get a life! are you perfect?

  • belle

    Adam Lambert is fair minded. He did not defend Wood's behavior, but he did (rightfully) take the position that the media should back off. These issues are between Woods and his wife. We have all goose-necked enough! Lambert is correct!

  • Marilyn

    Adam is right. I bet Adam can probably relate to Tiger's overly publicized struggle and doesn't want any part of it. A noble gesture on Adam's part. Everyone else has no problem throwing in their two cents. The kid is right we should leave Tiger alone.

  • terie

    ADAM is RIGHT!! Tiger Woods is a FANTASTIC "GOLFER". When he is on the golf course he gives it everything he has in his ATHLETIC ARSENAL so his fans won't be disappointed. That's ALL anyone should care about .... he gives us our money's worth. He doesn't just play GOLF ... he plays to WIN! ADAM has more SMARTS in his PINKY than most of America has in their collective brains.

  • ahh

    HE IS AMAAAAAAAAZING SO, SO SO LOVELY IN PERSON. Men need to learn f-n from him!

  • Gus

    Good job Adam Lambert. Bout' time a fella stands up for this golfer. Sure he was putting more balls into holes outside of golf but she isn't my wife and I don't know what she was doing at home. For all I know she wasn't giving him any sex or caring for his needs. Whatever the reason it isn't our business. This singer kid he speaks him mind. I think we should listen. He's the only one telling us something none of us want to hear. We all seem to think Tiger owes us something. Heck some of the guys on our poker night actually felt he had let them down. Bull! Tiger never let us down on the golf course and that is the only part of him he has to give us. Going back to what this kid Adam said, the media is too much into their personal lives. Who he or Tiger is sleeping with is none of our business. Smart kid.

  • baseballfanatic

    Man this Adam Lambert kid has a pair of steel **lls to back up a guy like Tiger Woods. Every woman in America is gunning for him. I think most women want to skin him alive. So for Adam to back him up and say it is a private issue back off, that takes a real man is all I'm saying. But I'm sure he's had harder battles to fight in his lifetime so good on him.

  • Swordfish

    Tiger screwed up yes. But some of his peers who used to stand up for him are now the ones with knives hidden behind their backs. It is times like these that you find out who your true friends are and who you likely will consider friends afterwards. So many folks jumped on the cruify band wagon that Tiger is literally without much support. I'm glad artists like ADAM LAMBERT have the courage to stand up for. I am with Adam Lambert. It isn't my business what Tiger does behind closed doors. That doesn't take anything away from his golf game or why and how I even know he is on the planet. The guy is amazing. Adam Lambert is amazing sticking up for him because I gotta tell you he is one of the few.

  • Maggie Q
    Maggie Q

    Adam Lambert has a point! I think also it is valiant of him to tell folks to back off him. This kid is a real thinker. He doesn't just go along with everyone else who is slinging mud at Tiger Woods. Lambert can hold his own in almost any fight and what he does an excellent job pointing out is we fell in love with Tiger Woods for what he could do on the Golf Course, his athletism. We didn't personally befriend him, we aren't carpooling buddies with his wife, our kids don't do sleep over with his kids. So his private life is that. Private and we have no business butting in it. That is between him and his wife. Bravo Adam for once again holding your ground and sticking up for someone who is being kicked when they are down.

  • Jay

    i agree with adam lambert. the media is much more into the private lives of stars these days. they actually blew that story up so public that his wife has no other choice to hide and file trying to save face. had the media not exploited the matter those two might have been able to save the marriage.

  • Maria

    Adam wants to bang Tiger No he doesn't. I read what Adam Lambert had to say about Tiger Woods and he has a point. It isn't our business what Tiger does in his private life. We should leave him alone to deal with this on his own, without the cameras.

  • HANH (from vietnam)
    HANH (from vietnam)


  • Liv

    Adam is gross. Take off the f-ing make-up dude. S h i t. I hate him.

  • Jenn

    Yep Adam is HOT!!!

  • JLM

    Adam is so much more than your petty one liner. Adam Rocks!!

  • Informa!

    Adam wants to bang Tiger