Lindsay Lohan Saves 40 Lives in One Day, Applies for Superhero Status

At times it may seem like Lindsay Lohan is barely in control of her own life. But to hear her tell it, she’s saving the existence of others at a mind-boggling rate.

The Just My Luck actress, who’s currently in India filming a BBC documentary about the trafficking of women and children, took a break from her journalistic pursuits on Wednesday to let the world know that she managed to spare dozens of tots’ lives in the space of a single 24-hour period.

In a Twitter message that has since been deleted from her account—because she’s just that humble—Lohan declared,

“Over 40 children saved so far…Within one day’s work. This is what life is about…Doing THIS is a life worth living!!!…traffiking [sic] is a big issue here, I’m doing what I can, and I will continue to do so as long as life when time permits it.”

Bravo, Miss Lohan!

Next up: Lindsay lifts a burning school bus full of children from a ravine, then spins the earth backwards on its axis to reverse time so that the accident never happened.

Celebrities—they’re just that powerful.