New Poster For Sex and the City 2 (We Think)

New Poster For Sex and the City 2 (We Think)-photo

Holy photoshop! Behold the just-released movie poster for the highly-anticipated Sex And The City sequel.

Can we just talk about a few things, guys?

  • That is NOT Sarah Jessica Parker. Is Jesus putting out a hip-hop album produced by J-Lo? Or is Jessica Biel starring in that new remake of Tron
  • Is she wearing those giant sunglasses because there is so much bling going on here that she would go blind if she took them off?
  • Is she a futuristic disco angel?
  • Is this an action movie?
  • WTF is going on here?

So many questions.....leave your own in the comment section!



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  • Bill

    I love how we glorify this stupid a s s show/movie about a bunch of old hags and carrie's infidelity. And many of you feel sorry for carrie! I hope your husbands cheat on you! Women are so stupid.

  • chrissy cricket
    chrissy cricket

    I like the bling poster for Sex and the City. When is Kendra from the old Girls Next Door going to have the baby. She has been in labor for 24 hours already. I'm worried something happened

  • cutichick0100

    WOoOoW love it