Alyssa Milano Is a "Jersey Shore" Hater

Alyssa Milano Is a

Why won't people leave poor Snooki from Jersey Shore alone? She just wants to be awesome. 

While reports keep surfacing that proud Italian Americans, like actress Alyssa Milano, are seething over MTV's Guido-Life reality program, Snooki is here to remind us all that poor representation of one's ethnic heritage is in the eye of the beholder:

"...'guidos' and 'guidettes' are good-looking people that, you know, like to make a scene and be center of attention and just take care of themselves."

        -- Nicole aka "Snooki", on the Wendy Williams Show

Don't you see, Alyssa Milano? Snooki is an amazing, loud and proud guidette. You can't try to hold back that kind of beauty.

Team Snooki!



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  • bite me
    bite me

    Snooki and the rest of the losers are an embarrassment to Jersey and to Italian-americans.... Those shoebie pieces of white trash need to get out of Jersey before the locals shoot them...

  • marco.p3

    Alyssa is right!!!

  • sal C
    sal C

    ahh POT meet KETTLE! alezbo milanho actualy thinks she has any right to judge litttle miss snooki's slutty behavior LMAO! thats gotta be the most hypocritical things ive seen any of these stupid celebtards do in a long time! all of a sudden shes miss italian american princess of the year since when did she ever do anything to help advance the image of italo american people in this coutnry? Oh thats right there was whos friggin the boss GREAT JOB DANZA AND MILANHO where would we be without those lovable retarded characters today? Or for decent female role models how about embrace of the vampire, outer limits, melrose place oh and of course charmed ,all intellectually stimulating if your a 12 year old & also doubles for softcore porn. Then theres the many baseball/athlete, actors & musicians shes ping ponged around with in relationship stints that lasted an average of a couple of months. Some shes even taken nude pics with on a beach before calling it quits soon after. Yes if onoy more italian american kids could just be more like milano then we woudl be begging for the jersey shore kids to come back and teach teens about having SOME values at least.

  • Chilla

    Hey! I Love me some Wendy Williams and Snooki is da bomb!

  • Daliya

    Alyssa is amazing.

  • roeschs3

    Oh my gosh. Bitch is nuts!!! And of COURSE she would be on the Wendy Williams show...cuz well, you know...................................the shows are both awful