Heidi Montag Pens Poem, Pulitzer Committee Convenes Emergency Meeting

Every now and then a writer surfaces whose work is so groundbreaking that they deserve to be recognized for their timeless excellence: Shakespeare. Hemingway. Montag?

The Hills star Heidi Montag has penned a love poem to her beloved husband and co-star, Spencer Pratt, and she has graciously agreed to share her literary delights with the rest of the world.

Sorry for ever not being the best wife
I am going to make it up to you my whole life
You are the most amazing, unique, special person to ever live
I thank Jesus that I was the one chosen for you to give

You positive love and light to me
Without you I would be so lost with no glee
Thank you for always taking such amazing care of me
You are the most selfless, loving, perfect, caring, miraculous soul to be

   – “Heidi to Spencer”, a Love Poem

(Click here for full poem, if you dare!)

Forever digging for the story behind the story, Celebuzz plowed through the trash bins behind the Pratt-Montag home to discover a few unpublished stanzas from earlier drafts of Heidi’s amazing work:

My name is Heidi.  H-E-I-D-I
I really like it when share pumpkin pie
I’m a blonde, used to be brewnet
When our dog is sick we go to the vet

I love to see you and say hello
Why does my hair smell like cherry Jell-O?
I wish I could be a better wife to you
Like have two gynas or something cool

I really love you so much totally
I also like to text you mobilely
 I can’t believe we’re actually married
 ’member that body that we buried?

And this was the work that didn’t make the cut!

What other literary treasures do you think we can expect from Heidi in the future? 

We can only pray that the answer is more, more, and more!