Miley's Next Big Hit or a Karaoke Cover Gone Wrong?

Miley's Next Big Hit or a Karaoke Cover Gone Wrong?-photo

It's official: Miley Cyrus is covering Poison's hair ballad smash from the '80s, "Every Rose Has It's Thorn". When you do it, it's called "a poor decision at Karaoke night." When Miley does it, it's international music news.

Listen to the original below and tell us what you think: Will Miley's version be better? Worse? Does it even matter?




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  • Bria

    I reckon it'll sound pretty good. As long as she doesn't change the music too much.

  • lala

    she doesnt have an official version but she sang alittle but of it on a radio station. during an interview. soo yeah:) there's a video on probably on the 8th or older page. and i cant wait till the official version comes out!

  • melissa

    is hers even out? if not how does anyone know if it sounds better?

  • jen

    I never liked this song, but she made it sound better, GO MILEY!