Teacher of the Year Contender Emerges on ‘Jersey Shore’

Some people take the phrase “school of hard knocks” waaay too literally.

The New York Post reports that Brad Ferro—aka, the guy who was seen decking celebrity Guidette Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi in a promotional clip for MTV’s trash-tastic reality series Jersey Shore this week—earns his keep as a gym teacher at North Queens Community HS in Queens, New York, when he’s not busy beating up girls half his size.

In the clip, Ferro, 24, is seen hauling off and punching Polizzi at Seaside Heights, New Jersey’s Beachcomber Bar & Grill, after Polizzi calls him out for trying to steal her drink.

According to Seaside Heights Detective Steve Korman, bouncers at the bar told the education professional to ease up on the booze because he seemed intoxicated, but allowed him to stay in the bar, after which Ferro apparently decided that Snooki’s drink looked too tasty to resist.

(TMZ notes that Ferro was found guilty of assault and given a six-month suspended jail sentence, along with a $500 fine, following the August incident.)

The Jersey Shore episode containing the attack is scheduled to air next week—with a public-service announcement about violence against women. Classy move, MTV…