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  • fudge

    dang it LOOK kind of funny but my stupid computer aint got sound so i dont kno how funny it is but tayloor look funny lolololol

  • leeloo

    i love the way he smiles!!! :))

  • Nicole

    Taylor you are so cute not to mention that you are the best actor since the jonas brothers and twilight is such a great movie i'm actually watching it now it's the best movie i had ever watched.

  • Morgan

    SNL was boring with him, and the material was bad. He made a fool of himself with the material he was given. I didn't like that show at all.

  • LoveJacob

    That was really funny. I just about fell out of my seat laughing at this 1. "wet dot" lol. Tooo funny. He did a good job hosting. He's really funny. Very good acting too. He's got a long career ahead of him. Congrats Taylor. U were FAB!!!

  • laurencullen

    that was quite funny, lol ;)

  • yeah

    Hilarious, great for a first time!

  • dawdwaef


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    this is a cool news. Thank you.

  • tatts09

    lol..that was so funny...taylor did a great job...

  • sydsouth

    * This was my favorite, but my second favorite was definitely the skit where he was that foreign kid!! --anyways, for a first timer I think he did a great job, and in the beginning where he knocked off Kanye West' head!! Hilarious all around just because it was Taylor, who gives a fuk about the lines..* =D Go Taylor!!

  • lizbizz11

    This was good but the other skits weren't that funny..

  • oooturtleo

    That skit was hilarious the rest was kinda lame but the fan girl spoof rocked!

  • diamond

    I L♥VE IT! TYLOR was GREAT! that was so funny and cute that i laugh the whole time i was watcin it.the did GREAT!

  • Ro Ro Rosey
    Ro Ro Rosey

    That wig looked better then the one he had to where in the movie...

  • Sweetcourts

    I think Taylor did a wonderful job hosting, but I must admit this one was my fave skit... I like how he says "wet dog" great.... funny... good host and did I mention oh sooooooo nice to look at

  • Chelsea

    I was watching it last night on tv, it was sooooo funnyyy

  • F.

    Taylor was hilarious. Hahahahh, I loved that part.

  • bev

    haha love it!